About Katie

Quirky_BlondeEver wonder who the quirky blonde behind the posts you see on Cheer Dummy are? That’s me! I’m a 28 year old ball of energy living life out loud in Rochester, NY.

After spending the past few years in both Buffalo and Chicago, I love the fact that all roads have led me back home to the great area where I was born and raised.

Over the years, I have quite literally trained my brain to think optimistically and learn the lesson in every situation – both good and bad. This blog is a compilation of the silver linings and lessons I’ve found day in and day out.

While I have different ideas running through my mind at a mile a minute, I try to only publish when I feel as though what I have to say could resonate with you, my lovely reader.

[You can follow me on Twitter if you’re compelled to hear my more quick-witted thoughts.]

Enjoy the rambles, share them with your friends, and strike up a conversation when you feel fit. I promise it won’t go unnoticed.


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